Bunches of Lunches

Bunches of Lunches is unique free-to-play mobile puzzle game themed around the Fudge Family brand!

White-Nose Syndrome

White-Nose Syndrome is a Federally-Funded educational online strategy game.

Life's a Beach

Lifes a Beach is an beach-themed online tower defense game. Use sand-cannons and wildlife friends to defend your castle!

Relic Revolt

(WIP) Relic Revolt is an museum-themed online tower defense game. Use security sentries to defeat a team of infiltrators!

Vigilante Tower Defense

(WIP) Vigilante Tower Defense is an urban-themed online tower defense game. Ally with your college martial arts crew and defy a diva dictator!

Pump Hero

Manage water infrastructure for your city in this online, ultra-simple, educational strategy game. Publicly-funded by Wayne State University.

Development Partners

Azure Ravens

Azure Ravens Entertainment is a low-cost, high-quality game studio with an emphasis on mobile, VR, and 3D productions.

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